Monday, February 2, 2009

No N.O. for us

Its Week 31 and there is still so much to get done. Our last birthing class is tomorrow and we have a couple weeks break before the Infant CPR class begins. That's definitely a class in which we hope to learn everything we can about something we pray we never have to use. Our routine checkup is also tomorrow. After this visit we'll go in every two weeks for the next month and a half.

We were hoping to have a 3 day weekend getaway later this month. After much thought of a good-weather-this-time-of-year location, I booked us for New Orleans. Well, either I got my dates confused or just didn't think about how far along I'd be. I thought my doctor said no flying after 34 weeks, but to my surprise, and after calling the office, she apparently said 28 weeks. WHAT!!! Oh well, luckily I had sense enough to purchase the trip insurance. So, we'll see whether we'll have to give an arm, leg, or left kidney, to get our money back. If everything continues to go smoothly, we still plan on riding to Atlanta to see the Heat play the Hawks.

Plans to have the nursery completed are underway and March 1st is our deadline. I will say this though, Nick's to-do list actually has more completed than mine does. We're taking it a task at at time, but I'm sure we'll be calling for backup soon. So, when you see my number on your caller ID, you better pick up. LOL!!