Sunday, December 21, 2008

Can I get an endorsement deal?

Its been a couple of weeks since our last post. Its been a rollercoaster ride in that short amount of time. I'll try to catch you up briefly.

I had been feeling really good lately, but apparently I haven't been getting enough fluids. Nick and I had to make a trip to the hospital because I was having some early contractions. Long story short, they pumped me with a couple bags of IV fluids, gave me a double shot to stop the contractions, did a ultrasound, and sent us on our merry way. It was a scary experience for Nick and I both nonetheless. Now I've been drinking so much Gaterade, one would think I just signed an endorsement deal. Nick and I did admit, it was really nice to see Baby again on the ultrasound. He was just hanging out kicking around and blowing bubbles.

After taking it easy for the rest of the week I went back to work on Monday. Next thing I know, I catch some type of cold virus from guess who???? My loving husband, who had been ill for the 3 days prior. So, once again, I was out of commission for a couple of days. Talk about being miserable....I didn't even get out of the bed the first day.

We're all doing a lot better now and looking forward to Christmas. We're officially 25/26 weeks and starting to fill out in the belly area a little bit. I make sure to post some pics later this week. Merry Christmas from the Jones'...Nick, Lisa, and Baby

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy New Year

The New Year is right around the corner and we had a wonderful Christmas with all our family and friends here in Nashville and in Huntsville. We hosted Christmas dinner at our house and traveled to Huntsville for the weekend to visit Mindi and Nick's family.

Baby is doing great. I imagine he's getting bigger because I can feel him moving around more often and with more intensity. According to BabyCenter, he's about a pound and a half in weight and approximately 14 inches long. It seems like he's more active early in the morning when I'm still trying to sleep. I guess he's getting me ready for those 2:00am feedings that everyone keeps telling us about. Its so hilariuos when he "plays possum" with Nick. I'll tell Nick he's kicking, he'll run over to feel my belly, and Baby will stop immediately, as if to say "nah, nah, nee, nah, nah, you can't feel me".

We've already starting to accumulate baby gifts. And preparations are underway for the shower. Can't wait for that. 26 Weeks and counting.....

Monday, December 8, 2008

First Things First

Who knew there would be so much to decide on BEFORE the baby even comes? Nick and I have been looking at everything from cribs to carseats; diapers to daycares; paint colors to pediatricians. Whew!!! Its a lot to this whole baby thing, huh? Not to mention signing up for childbirth classes next month. That alone really puts things into perspective for us. I can't wait to see the look on our faces when we watch the video of an actual delivery. WHOA!! Can we say TMI...

I wanted to thank all of you for sending me recommendations for pediatricians and daycares. We've decided on the peditrician and looking to get a head start on the daycares come first of the year. From what some of you have told me, a really good daycare can have a ten month waiting period.

I purchased the baby's very first onsie last week. It was on clearance at Target and I thought it was just too cute. What do you think? I've been told that I've gotten a little mushy in the past couple of months. Probaby so, and that is definitely a change for me.

Nick's little sister, Mela, also picked up a little something for her nephew. She's gonna make a great auntie.
Nick got these in his Boss's Day basket from his employees at Kroger. What a sweet gesture!

Well I guess that's all for now. Off to find something to wear to work tomorrow. I must admit, at least that is getting somewhat easier. Especially now that I know that the pants I purchased from Old Navy have straps on the sides to tighten and loosen them in the waist as you get bigger. Man, I tell ya, you learn something new everyday. What will tomorrow bring?