Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy New Year

The New Year is right around the corner and we had a wonderful Christmas with all our family and friends here in Nashville and in Huntsville. We hosted Christmas dinner at our house and traveled to Huntsville for the weekend to visit Mindi and Nick's family.

Baby is doing great. I imagine he's getting bigger because I can feel him moving around more often and with more intensity. According to BabyCenter, he's about a pound and a half in weight and approximately 14 inches long. It seems like he's more active early in the morning when I'm still trying to sleep. I guess he's getting me ready for those 2:00am feedings that everyone keeps telling us about. Its so hilariuos when he "plays possum" with Nick. I'll tell Nick he's kicking, he'll run over to feel my belly, and Baby will stop immediately, as if to say "nah, nah, nee, nah, nah, you can't feel me".

We've already starting to accumulate baby gifts. And preparations are underway for the shower. Can't wait for that. 26 Weeks and counting.....


  1. awwww....u look cute pregnant. lol not many people lokk cute pregnant. U know wat u can call yo lil cuzzin sometimes im beginning to think you dont want to talk to me anymore!!!!

    Love always,
    Alexus Kiarra Calvin

  2. Oh, Elisa you look so sweet. I can't wait to hold him. After 5 grandchildren who I have just spoiled, and now my first great nephew(9 months old) I am just a softy.I am loving every minute of it.

    Mary Patton