Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3 Month Check Up

First of all, let me say thanks to so many of you that sent me messages with sleeping tips. I got advice to use everything from warm milk to Benedryl. I am happy to report that I only had 4 sleepless nights last week. Yippee!!!! We're on our way!

Yesterday we had our 3 month check up with Dr. M. With the exception that I've lost TWO POUNDS, the visit went very well. How is that possible? I've heard of women losing weight in the 1st trimester, but its usually due to not being able to hold down meals. And I'll tell you, that's DEFINITELY not the case here. I'm not worried about it though, it'll pick up

This was our FIRST opportunity to hear Baby Jonesie's heart.....(In the voice of Joey, Blossom's older brother) WHOA!!!! It was absolutely breathtaking! It sounded kind of sloshy and was beating pretty rapidly. Dr. M. said that it will beat twice as fast as my own. Interesting, I thought. I wonder why? We didn't get a photo this time, but I wonder what she looks like? I'll have to find out when she can hear me, I think its around 16 weeks. Well, it doesn't matter, I talk to her now anyway.

I'm not due back to be poked and prodded until the end of October. Can't wait to see what changes will come in the next 4 weeks.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sleepless in Antioch...

We're officially 12 weeks this week and have begun to spread the word about our bundle of joy. I was so excited to share it with the ladies from my dinner club. Needless to say, they were FLOORED... My mom is estatic that she can FINALLY tell her 8 brothers and sisters that she's gonna be a grandma. I feel a sense of relief as well...I mean 2 months is a long time to keep a secret like this.

Anywho, on a totally different note...can anybody give me advice on sleeping through the night???? I literally wake up EVERY night somewhere between 3:30 and 4:30 and can't go back to sleep for another hour or so. Sunday night just took the cake. My eyes pop open at 3:30 and I just laid there. After 30-45 minutes or so of tossing and turning, I thought I'd wake Nick up so he could be just as miserable as I was. Afterall, we are in this thing together....right? heehee... We decided to raid the fridge for a healthy snack (mandarine oranges for him and tomatoes and veggie dip for me) and watch a little TV. Who knew, Set It Off was on TNT. 1996...Kimberly Elise, Vivica A. Fox, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Queen Latifah have all come a long way since those days. That movie is a classic.

We finally went back to sleep about 5:30 or 6:00. Luckily we didn't have church service until 11:00 the next morning. I promised Nick I wouldn't wake him up if he had to go to work the next day, and thanked him for keeping me company. What do I have to do to get a good nights rest??? SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Too much on my plate!

I've come to the realization this week that I've got way too much on my plate. And when I say this, I'm not speaking of my plate at the Chinese buffet Nick took me to this weekend. Is 3 plates too much? Mmm Mmm Good!!!

There has been so much going on in the past several weeks, I feel like I just need to take a moment to sit and think. Kevin (my business partner) and I were talking last Friday and I told him about this opportunity that fell into my lap with the Black Chamber of Commerce. He laughed and said, "Girl, you have too much going on." He began to list my activities as if they were the starting line up for University of Tennessee football team (he's a HUGE UT football fan)....GO VOLS!!!! NOT (Nick told me to insert ROLL TIDE!!!) ..... Anyway, the list went a little something like this:
  • Ambassador for the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce
  • Weekly Art class
  • Weekly bible study
  • Jazzercise (kicking myself for only going once a week)
  • Monthly Dining Club
  • Monthly Coffee Talk networking event

Over the weekend, I added to the list:

  • maintaining a home (starting a bathroom remodel)
  • a hubby (Nick has weekly basketball games)
  • a business
  • family and friends
  • church activities
  • contributing writer for a new magazine launching in January


Nevertheless, I turned down the opportunity to work with the Black Chamber, but left the door open to work on special projects, if they needed me. Which, Roxianne has already contacted for for an October project.

My theme for this year is "The Year of Refinement". I guess its time to reevaluate and do some more refining.

Monday, September 1, 2008

"It's a lady doctor, right?"

This past Friday was our FIRST official doctor's visit. I got up feeling a little anxious, not really knowing what to expect. I thought I was feeling butterflies in my stomach, but then I realized I was just hungry. Nick and I stopped by BK for some breakfast and made our way downtown.

After a short wait in the lobby, we were called back to see the nurse. I'm sure Nick was somewhat uncomfortable going into the back office of a 'gyny '...but he showed no sign of faint. My OB nurse (Kathy, I think) kindly pointed him to HIS seat and proceeded to tell him, "This will be YOUR seat when you all come to see me." She took my blood pressure and checked my weight. WEIRD....I haven't gained any weight...why the heck don't my pants fit???? Anyway, Kathy escorted us to the exam room to wait on the doc.

Nick and I shared some nervous laughter while waiting and then he asked me, "Its a lady doctor, right?" I said, "No silly, you know its a guy." I could see the angst and uncertainty in his face, so I let him off the hook, and assured him that it was most definitely a female. We giggled some more as we analyzed the female anatomical posters that decorated the wall. Afterwards, he flipped through an ESPN magazine, while I twiddled my thumbs.

Just then, Doctor "M" walks in with a congratulatory smile. She took a seat and reached her hand out to Nick, "I'll take that for you". She doing us both a favor by offering to take the magazine...just to make sure he doesn't miss any important details. I thought to myself, "That's a courteous way of telling someone, 'I need you to pay attention'."

We proceeded with the exam and she confirms that we are 9WEEKS....DUE DATE APRIL 7th. She assures us that "the Bean" is looking good so far. Nick and I gaze at the ultrasound screen in amazement. Nick then says, "What is that fluttering thing?" Doctor "M" explains, "Oh, that's the heartbeat". WHAT!!!!!!! ALREADY!!!!! We both look at each other like, "oooooh, we done dit it now". She prints a pic for us and answers some follow up questions. I'm scheduled to meet with Kathy in two weeks to go over family medical history. We'll next see Doctor M in 4 weeks for a regular checkup.

We leave the doctor's office in a surreal moment. We're thanking God for THIS MOMENT and the many to come. Nick's ready to tell the world, but we promised to keep it under wraps for another 3 weeks. I dropped Nick off at work and treat me and the Bean to some Calypso Cafe. Ahhhh!!!! There's no better comfort food than their Black Bean and Chicken Nachos......