Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday Tyson

Our little man has grown so quickly in the past six months. Now, I know for those of you that have younger children already, this isn't nearly as exciting, but for us and a handful of others, there have been several WOW moments.

At six months, Tyson can:

~rollover (off the bed, if we're not watching...OOPS!!)

~reach out his arms for you (if you're one of the chosen few)

~head-butt (like a WWE wrestler)

~eat pureed carrots, green beans, squash...occasionally it ends up in his mouth!!!

~sleep from 8pm to 6am and then some (God does answer prayers)

~laugh histerically when Nick "zerberts" his stomach (those of you that watched "The Cosby Show" know what I'm talking about)

His favorite things are taking strolls outside to get fresh air, watching Casper walk back and forth across the living room, and his Grandma CC.

What we haven't figured out yet, is why people still think he's a girl. No, seriously. One lady this weekend actually asked me if I was sure. WHAT??? I mean come on people, if he's dressed in blue and white with a bib on that say's Daddy's Boy, chances are, he's a boy. We've also heard, "He's too pretty to be a boy". WHAT ON EARTH does that mean? Nick is definitely starting to take it personally.

I'll tell you something else that's funny. Some of our "single" male friends/family members (who will remain nameless), bend over backwards to take Tyson around in public. Even going so far as wanting to push him around in the stroller. That "chick magnet" thing doesn't really work does it? Here he is giving his "come-get-me" look.

We'll be sure to provide more timely updates....until then.