Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quick Update

So its Sunday evening about 10:00..Tyson is tucked away..Nick is at the Titans game (they'll be 0-5 before I even finish this post)..and I should be in bed. I just had to send out a quick post since Tyson had his check up this week.

He is now 15lbs 6oz and 27 1/4 inches long. Doctor B said he is right on track developmentally and a little longer than average. Stage 2 foods are next up on the menu.

I've been supplementing with formula since my milk had all but come to a screeching halt. After calling the Lactation Center, getting a quick motivational speech about not giving up, and taking a trip to GNC for Fenugreek, I am reenergized about continuing my misadventure in nursing. I do know, when the time comes, I will miss our "special" bonding time together. There are absolutely no regrets.

I did say that this was a quick post right? Well here are a few pics of Tyson with his new activity center. He seems to really enjoy it. He's gonna love it even more once I go and purchase some batteries for it...LOL!

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