Sunday, May 16, 2010

13 Months and COunting

Man, its been quite a while since my last blog post. As you know, having a toddler can wear out the most in-shape person. Our little man turned one on March 29th. The weather held up well, so we were able to plan a small get together in the back yard with cake and ice cream.

It wasn't until the week after his birthday, did he get his hair cut. We had succomb to the old wives tale about not cutting hair until after the first birthday. Nick said Tyson did surprisingly well in the barber's chair, which I was happy to hear. It turned out shorter than we wanted, but nonetheless he looked completely different to me when Nick brought him home.

So these days, its the little things that bring excitement around the Jones Residence; whole milk, weekend afternoon naps, and over night trips at the grandparent's house. He's finally 20lbs, so this week he'll actually get to sit forward-facing in "big boy" carseat. That should be interesting.

Until next time fam!


  1. They just grow so fast, don't they?!! :-)

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