Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week 2...In the books

Today, little Tyson turned 2 weeks old. As Nick and I assess the damage, it looks as though the bags under our eyes are the only battle scars we have to show. I tell ya...this sleep deprivation is serious business. Everyone has assured us that it will get better in the next couple of months...COUPLE OF MONTHS...WHAT??? Are you serious???

Nick heads back to work tomorrow and we're not looking forward to that. It has been great having the 3 of us at home together. Thank God my mother is on vacation this week. She'll be here to assist me during the day, until Nick gets home. And I can't say enough about my girlfriends from my dinner club, BTC. They actually set up a dinner train in which one of them brings us dinner every other night for two weeks. Talk about GOOD EATS. Thanks ladies. Today was the first day where I've actually had to cook. Nothing fancy though...spaghetti and meat sauce.

Well, its about 8pm and I need to take a power nap in preparation for tonight. Can't wait to see what this week in parenting brings. Whatever it is...I'll be sure to keep you posted.

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