Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Family Affair

Nick and I are somewhat settling into parenthood as Tyson is quickly approaching 3 months old. I've been back at the office about two days a week and he's been my little sidekick, sleeping most of the day away of course. We've entered him into the 2009 Cutest Baby competition through The Tennessean newspaper. Voting starts on June 17th, so be on the lookout for an email from us to cast your vote.

He's sleeping alot better at night and even on the nights when he doesn't, I find myself getting less frustrated. We're going to start transitioning him into the nursery over the next couple of weeks. Up until this point he has been sleeping comfortably (most of the time) in the bassinet in our room. Hopefully the transition will be a smooth one.

We were in Huntsville this weekend to visit Nick's dad. This was his first time seeing Tysie-pooh. Of course I had to get a pic of the three generations of Jones men. When he's alot older, he'll definitely enjoy spending summers at Grandpa Joe's.

My dad was able to make it home for the Memorial Day holiday and had a chance to spend alot of overdue time with his only grandson. Lets just say he was beside himself. I think he secretly wishes that I was a!


  1. Aww, look at Tysie-Pooh!! He's such a cutie!! =)

    Oh, and Nick looks JUST like his dad!!!

  2. Oh, Cyndee thanks soooo much for sharing these precious moments of your g-son and family...He's so handsome,,I'm so ready for some more g-babies. Enjoy him now as much as you can because they grow up so fast...And g-parents become atm machines and taxi drivers.