Sunday, July 5, 2009

Growing Like a Weed

At 3 months old Tyson has literally grown before our eyes. My guess is he's about 14 lbs, but we won't know until he goes back to the doctor in August. The question that we get most often is, "Is he sleeping through the night yet?" Uhhh...NO! He's sleeping about 4 hours at a time, which is better than 2 hours. I know folks say you can give them a little cereal in their milk and it will fill them up enough where they won't wake up hungry. Well, I guess we haven't come to that point just yet. Ask me in another couple of weeks and I may have changed my mind.

He's already drooling nonstop and sticking him whole fist in his mouth. So, from what we've heard, he'll be teething soon. You wouldn't imagine some of the home remedies that people have shared with us to help relieve some of his forthcoming teething pain. Everything from hanging garlic over the nursery door to tying raw white potatoes around his neck. Don't laugh, seriously, that's what we've heard. If you have something that has worked for your little one, please post it so we can have a full arsenal of options to try.


  1. Ok, this worked for my sister when she was teething. Borrow a raw egg from a neighbor and put it in one of Tyson's socks. Tack the sock with the raw egg in it over the threshold he passes through most often. His teething won't be the awful affair I've been told. My sister didn't cry, scream, get a fever, etc. I've passed it on to others so I hope it works for you. --Lisa H.

  2. A tip I can give you guys for teething is this little pill called teething tabs. When I tell you this works it works I used it for Bri and she loved it. She also like a cold wash cloth to chew on. Hope it works for you :)

  3. We used the teething tablets (they are homeopathic) when Paula was teething. Be careful with Orajel...I found it to be very dangerous, and used it a few times before I heard about some babies losing feeling in their tongue and accidentally choking on it! Scary! But the teething tablets worked well for us. I would give her a couple when she was going down for a nap to help her sleep. I will say she teethed from 4 months until 8 months with not one tooth popping through! It was so sad!