Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bears -vs Eagles: A house divided

Nick and I got into an interesting discussion this evening as to whether Baby Jones will be a Chicago Bears fan or a Philadelphia Eagles fan. This has been a house divided for years when it comes to NFL. I know, I know....who cares right? Well Nick and I are HUGE football fans. I would venture to say that it is my favorite sport. Shhhh...don't tell Nick; he thinks its basketball. But anyway, he's only a Philly fan because of Donavan McNabb and Brian Westbrook. I mean seriously, how much longer will these guys be on the team. Players get traded so often, you can't afford to just like a team for whose on the team. There's no loyalty. I'm a Bears fan to the core; always have been, always will be. It doesn't matter who is on the team. Can't you just see Baby Jones is that Navy and Orange....SMILE!!!!

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