Monday, August 25, 2008

Kasper's New "Do"

Well, Nick and I took Kasper to the groomer last week and let's just say, he's not too happy. His hair had started to mat up...(input DISCLOSURE: not due to improper care). He just REALLY does NOT like to be brushed. He's been shaved before and it usually lasts 6-8 months. Anyway, with Baby Jones on the way, we thought, what better time to get him reacclamated to his new "do". He does like to pose for the camera, notice arms crossed. Sooooo....DRUM ROLL is a BEFORE and AFTER shot.

The question of the day is "What are they gonna do with that CAT?" "Don't cats smother babies?" Hmmm.... Well, I hadn't heard of the latter until Mindi told me that apparently cats like to jump in cribs and unbeknownst to them, smother the little ones. YIKES!!! Kasper does like to cuddle up next to any unsuspecting warm body. I guess this is something we'll have to take into consideration.

Someone should invent some type of contraption that keeps pets out of the crib. EUREKA!!!....Have you all heard of the Pet Net? This handy device has saved many a furry feline from a trip to the local Humane Society. I've read some pretty hilarious user reviews of how, in a circus-like attempt, cats have tried to pounce into the crib, only to bounce off the net like an acrobat on a trampoline. FUN-NY! I guess that will be on our baby registry.

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